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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Charles Darwin-The Evolution of the Revolution

Why am I writing about Charles Darwin? For those of you who don't know it was the 200th anniversary of his birth this year and he is being talked about a lot.

Charles Darwin was a big celebrity in his day. In 19th century England people knew his famous voyage of discovery on the Beagle in his early twenties and his most famous book "On the Origin of Species", when it was published aged 50. Why was there such a gap between what he knew to be scientifically correct and the publication of his thesis, which is still as controversial as ever? Why take so long? What motivated Charles Darwin? What was the essence of his life? Once again we're going to take the entirely original theory called "Life Cycles" to get these answers. How many blogs are there in the world? How many books with the title "Life Cycles"? Remember you get this nowhere else! I don't require you to believe it, I only ask you read the evidence for yourselves. Wouldn't it be great if we could talk to Charles Darwin. I'll bet he'd be amazed that Evolution theory spread far and wide only to be re-challenged by Creationism or Intelligent Design. The dichotomy between science and religion is never more starkly revealed than in this debate.

Let's get down to just looking at his adult years of Revolution up to " On the Origin of Species". At age 24 he was part of the Beagle's voyage of discovery.He had already begun to make observations of the world slowly changing over great periods of time and species also changing to adapt. Was mankind however to be included in this equation? Just prior to turning 24 Darwin had his first encounter with the savages that lived on Tierra Del Fuego (known as Fuegians). He had no doubt that saveges like these could become civilised. Three such natives, who were anglicised, stayed behind to run a mission with Revd. Richard Matthews. What unfolded in his
24th year? The record will show that when the Beagle returned on Darwin's 25th birthday the mission was completely abandoned and the natives reverted. Progress was not to be in a straight line. Darwin would have to check his urge to claim good evidence here.

What was the continuation of this theme of hesitancy in his important 36th year of Revolution? Undoubtedly it was the controversial reception given to the book "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation" published anonymously. It put forward in a scientifically amateurish way the cosmic theory of transmutation (which we now call evolution). It was released just before Darwin turned 36 and quickly became a best seller, being read by high society (including Prince Albert reading to Queen Victoria) and most other quarters. In fact it outsold Darwin's book for all of the 19th century. Darwin was critical of it's scientific deficiencies, but admitted it helped pave the way for him. It was also harshly criticised and a mockery was made of evolutionary ideas. It was cited as a major factor in Darwin's caution to publish his own theory. His quote includes:- "....other times I really feel as much ashamed of myself as the author of the Vestiges ought to be of himself". Darwin again learned a valuable lesson in what his contemporaries might do to him. He became hesitant about what to do.

Now what was the perpetuation of this theme again in his 48th year? Darwin was being urged by his friend and mentor Lyell to publish on evolution to establish precedence over Alfred Russell Wallace (who independently proposed Natural Selection). Wallace sent a letter to Darwin asking if the book would examine human origins. He said he would avoid that subject which was "so surrounded with prejudices". When "On the Origin of Species" was published and proved unexpectedly popular, his only allusion to human evolution was the understatement that:- "light will be shed on the origin of man and his history". He also avoided the controversial term "evolution", calling it "common descent".

Imagine Charles Darwin let me interview him. I'll bet he could see for himself how the theory of "Life Cycles" worked for him. An otherwise confident and erudite man, he was beset with doubt and hesitancy. What I propose is none the less groundbreaking as evolution was then. I propose that we keep returning to the same themes throughout our lives. It's written in our biographies, without so much as a second thought. We live in 12 year cycles and I have mapped the entire journey for you in my book. It's not atsrology or numerology or reincarnation or religion or anything else. Keep reading because I guarantee to fascinate you. You're on a journey with me and each stop is better than the last!


  1. Darwin is still controversial till today, thanks for this article :)
    Always love to be here bro!

  2. Very interesting article. A friend of mine has done a blog post about Ibn Sina (Avicenna) and he wrote about evolution 100 years before Darwin.

    Here's the link:

    Her blog is called, Shining History - Medieval Islamic Civilization

  3. Thanks for your comment Trish. Yes my wife read 2 books on Darwin, which I used for research purposes. They mentioned that transmutation (the early term for evolution) was known to Darwin's grandfather. This novel idea could have been passed on genetically! (only joking of course).

  4. I found your content is very interesting, & I will recommend it to my readers.

  5. I live in the south and they still have protests over teaching evolution in schools. As if putting their fingers in their ears and shaking their heads vehemently will keep scientific proof at bay. No wonder kids are so confused here. You can't talk Adam and Eve at home and then take them to the museum of natural history and tell them to deny what they've seen with their own eyes.

    I'm wondering what Charles would think of his name evolving into Chaz. Now that would be an interesting interview question.

  6. I think he'd be an interesting guy to know. He's a bit Victorian England, so he might not go in for 'Chaz', but who can tell?
    Yes I wonder how people can deny the proof for 'carbon dating', and somehow insinuate that dinosaurs were 'created' a few thousand years ago.

  7. I'm surprised that they aren't denying the existence of dinosaurs, honestly. They don't call this the 'Bible Belt' for nothing.

    I think you're right. He'd probably prefer Charlie.

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