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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

News For The World-The Life Chart Of Rebekah Brooks

Now we are going to explore a new aspect of the Life Chart. We are going to ask a seemingly simple and innocuous question :- "If we just have a twelve year cycle to describe all lives, then what is it that makes it a true cycle?" I mean if we were to take the Cadel Evans 'Life Chart', featuring the mountain biking/BMX era ushered at 12 and then the road racing era ushered in at 24, why do I contend he's simply repeating the same cycle and not simply entering a brand new 12 year cycle? Surely it's enough that I can supply highly statistically significant data for the two Life Cycles 'Years of Revolution'. However I go further. I radically contend that if you analyse on the symbolic level, then you would see the same themes being repeated. Not the same actions-but the same themes. If you think about it closely enough you will see it gives you a brand new perspective on life.

Anyway, now to this month's, I'm sure, somewhat reluctant participant- Rebekah Brooks. The former News Of The World editor, whose dubious ethics have resulted in the paper being shut down and her being charged with illegal phone tapping. Although she resigned and is now still on bail, she has just received a hefty multi-million pound payout from Rupert Murdoch. Is she in a Life Cycles 'significant year'when this is happening? Yes she is 43, when all this and potentially much more is unfolding. Like a modern-day Napoleon, she can feel the Russian Campaign ever tightening it's grip. (the Emperor was 43 in 1812, if you remember). This is a textbook 'Year of Broken Pathways', including the monumental challenge and the slow sinking in of the reality of the new world she will inhabit. She even refused to resign at first (much like when Napoleon expected a Russian surrender), until News Corporation's second largest shareholder called for it in a BBC interview. Now let's turn the clock back 12 years. She's now 31, not 43. Where is she now?

It is well recorded that she became one of the youngest-ever Fleet Street editors when, at 31, she took the top job at News Of The World in May, 2000. It was not long before controversy surrounded her. She was vilified for publishing the names and photographs of known sex offenders following the murder of schoolgirl Sarah Payne. Police accused her of "grossly irresponsible journalism", that was wrecking investigations, driving paedophiles underground and causing mobs to riot in Portsmouth. In one instance a paediatrician had her house vandalised, because of confusion with this word and the word paedophile. Yet the paper sold an extra 95,000 copies a week. Critics accused her of trying to cash in on Sarah's death, but she defended the paper's actions in a David Frost interview. Then in early 2002, she became embroiled in the Milly Dowler murder, which has led directly to where she is today. Millie was a 13 year old schoolgirl and News reporters had hacked into her voicemail when she was reported missing.

Of course, since then many celebrities have come forward with complaints of a similar nature. This material is not pretty, but it does tell a consistent story. In the overly-ambitious quest for power, she has broken all ethical standards and these tactics have been brought into the open, beginning at both her age 31 'Year of Broken Pathways' and again in a more dramatic fashion in her age 43 'Year of Broken Pathways'. This is a linked theme of her life. Could I demonstrate it in her only other 'Broken Pathways' year at 19? Perhaps, but it would be difficult to access, as this part of her life in Paris seems a closed book. However one thing we do know is that she has doctored her academic data to imply she had a degree from the Sorbonne, which of course she did not and that she was an exceptionally ambitious young person even then. Prepared, no doubt, to do 'whatever it took'. Next month I'll return with a more uplifting case and until then:- "may the cycles always bring you good fortune".