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Monday, October 5, 2009

The Revolution that almost changed the course of History.

Some of you may be familiar with the movie "Valkyrie" starring Tom Cruise. For those who haven't seen it, I recommend you watch one of the You Tube promos and even if you have seen it a while back, it's good to refresh your memory with sight and sound. You see the most important element of this movie is that it's a true story. I saw it last year on a long haul flight to the US and then immediately afterwards watched a historical re-enactment, complete with interviews of survivors, on the Discovery Channel. This confirmed for me just how accurate the movie version was.

"Valkyrie" depicts the 20 July 1944 plot by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler, take control of the country and surrender to allied forces. The chief proponent of this idea was Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg, who remembered an emergency plan known as Operation Valkyrie. After killing Hitler this would see the Reserve Army used to arrest the SS and Party elite.

It is Von Stauffenberg who has the bomb at Hitler's Eastern front headquarters, known as the Wolf's Lair. On July 15 he is there, but is ordered to go ahead too late because Himmler isn't present. So again on July 20 Von Stauffenberg is at the Wolf's Lair with two bombs and a pencil detonator. He has to feign a need to change his shirt to do the detonation, but since he only has one arm he just gets time to complete a single bomb. He carefully leans it against the main table support close to where Hitler is sitting. Why all this detail?

Well if so many things had just gone right then Hitler would have been killed. Probably on July 15; certainly if two bombs were detonated and again had his briefcase not accidentally fallen over and been moved to a location further from Hitler, then it would have worked. Why was this so important? Why ultimately should we care so much?

Well the answer is that Hitler lived, the July 20 plotters were arrested and shot and WW2 in Europe dragged on until June 6th, 1945. Now it is a fact of history that in the last year of the war there were more deaths and casualties, military and civilian, than in the entire preceeding period. Around 600 cities and towns were wholly or partly destroyed by bombing. Millions would have lived! It would have drastically changed the course of history. Unfortuneately the German people were associated with Hitler to the end and not with the decent Von Stauffenberg and the generals who were with him. No wonder Von Stauffenberg is taught in German schools and hailed a hero.

Why did I write all this? What has this got to do with "Life Cycles"? Well it has everything to do with Life Cycles. How old do you think Von Stauffenberg was when all these momentous events happened? Was he 28, or 32, or 35, or 39, or 44? No the most important Revolution year for many people and their career-defining crossraods is 36. Von Stauffenberg was 36! Check it out for yourselves. His Revolution year almost changed the course of history. Instead it only emboldened Adolf Hitler, who saw this as a sure sign the gods were with him.

I analyse Adolf Hitler in Chapter 3 along with many famous historical figures. However only those who read all of "Life Cycles" can possibly know exactly how it predicts Hitler's reaction to his lucky escape."Life Cycles" is both disarmingly simple, highly statistically significant and yet so complex, that it will take you 12 years to really grasp it. Check it out at the web page. Remember you're never going to see this anywhere else. And if you think I can't top this article, well you better keep posted for the next!