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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Will civilization 'as we know it' end on Dec. 21, 2012?

If I type in '2012 blogs' to Google, it brings up a staggering 261,000,000 items. Now they may not all be individual blogs, but it would be safe to say if you hadn't heard about all the gloom and doom merchants you're probably 'living under a rock!' So the big question is:- "Will it happen?" I've got to say straight up that I don't know anymore than anyone else. It may all happen Dec. 21, 2012, or it may happen May 6, 2010, or Jan. 4, 2025 or April 12, 2130. But the odds on it or any other 'end of world' scenario being correct are infinitesimally small.

So let's examine the main claim together:- that of the Mayan calendar. Wikipedia has an exhaustive article on the Mayan calendar, that falls in the 'too much information' basket, but it does say and I quote :- " Misinterpretation of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is the basis for a New Age belief that a cataclysm will take place on December 21, 2012. Dec. 21st is simply the last day of the 13th b'ak'tun. But that is not the end of the Long Count, because the 14th through 20th b'ak'tuns are still to come. Sandra Noble, executive director of Mesoamerican research...considers the portrayal of Dec 2012 as a doomsday or cosmic shift event to be 'a complete fabrication and a chance for a lot of people to cash in'. " Elsewhere I read that the modern day Mayans consider this claim to be laughable and ridiculous and just an example of Western society hijacking their history.

So mathematically speaking there is no basis at all to speculate on the odds of this because the data is incorrect. But that doesn't stop people speculating. Remember when those planes were going to fall out of the sky when all the computers failed on Jan. 1, 2000? Or the myriad previous end of world scenarios. The only part of this that is correct is that on Dec. 22, 2012 those blogs will either disappear or produce some new date.

OK, now what has all this got to do with Life Cycles? Why do I care? The answer is I only care because my carefully assembled research means the complete reverse to the 2012 theories. Namely the possibility of my case histories happening by chance alone is equally infinitesimally small!

Read all my blog entries for 2009. I welcome you to check and double check what I say (because that's exactly what I do before I write). Now if I say to you that for many people (but obviously not for all) there is a very significant Revolution Year when they are 36, then I must be able to point to examples (and sometimes examples of age 24 and age 48 revolutions).Read Chapter Three of Life Cycles as I take famous historical figures and produce evidence. Look for yourselves at Aristotle, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Winston Churchill, Hitler and JFK. I didn't comb through a list of dozens or hundreds to get these I just read one summary after another. That's right every single case I studied is in there. Think about it. Do you think it a mere coincidence that Alan Alda began the MASH series at 36 or Jerry Seinfeld began The Seinfeld Show or Edward Woodward began Callan? Or David Frost who was at a major crossroads as shown in Frost/Nixon or Jerry Lewis who filmed his number one movie "The Nutty Professor" or Frank Sinatra whose career got resurrected from the ashes and I could go on and on and on.

Come on:- "you do the maths!" What chance do I have of being correct? Is it 1 year out of 70 (the biblical allotment)? Or 1 out of 30 (an average number of adult productive years)? Or is it simply 1 out of 12 (because I say every 12 years there is a revolution in your life)?

I don't care what you pick because I've just listed 15 consecutive examples and the chances of me getting it right by guesswork would be 12 to power of 15 or 1 in 1,540,702,160,000,000. Now the chance of getting dealt a Royal Flush in spades in a 5 card game of poker is 1 in 2,598,960. A lot smaller but still pretty big (as a poker player I've never been dealt one). What do you want to put your money on? :- Dec 21, 2012 (with immeasurably small odds) or something that is 592,814,880 times more certain than the possibility of getting dealt a Royal Flush?

I rant like this because I care that you should not be led by the nose. I'm the first person to say exactly this, but just because I'm a small voice doesn't mean you shouldn't listen. I'll be back next month with arguably the mightiest single Revolution Year of all. Don't miss it and until then:-"May the cycles always bring you good fortune".

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Half Man, Half Tree- But One Incredible Revolution

Dede Koswara the Indonesian "tree man" has been written about and filmed extensively over the last couple of years. For those who don't know his story you can check it out on You Tube. He suffers from an extremely rare disease, whereby his body can't prevent the continual spreading of the common wart virus, which manifests in ugly tree-like growths on his hands and feet and warts over much of his body.

It had reduced him to the only job he could get, in a circus 'freak show'. He couldn't work as a fisherman or look after his two children and his wife left him. If things could be worse you would have a hard time thinking of how. His plight was captured on film for the Discovery Channel and an American dermatologist Dr. Anthony Gaspari saw it one night and became fascinated. The documentary team took him to Indonesia to meet Dede and he sent samples back for testing in the lab. He said:- "I've never seen anything like it in my life".

I also became fascinated by his case, but not for medical reasons. I saw a TV show "My Shocking Story" and the opening line got me in:- "36 year old fisherman Dede...". This whole unfolding episode 'Part 2 Tree Man, The Cure' was about what happened in this one man's important year of revolution. Remember there are two elements to the revoltuion. The first is that it is an upheval and the commencement of a new 12 year cycle and often this age 36 cycle coming as it does in mid-life, brings the most important changes. Secondly and this is equally important:-"as we experience it we are not fully in control of the outcomes". Fateful events can occur. The wheel is in spin and you are that roulette ball for 12 months. Life Cycles is brand new, totally different and has the most dramatic and statistically significant case history evidence supporting it. Don't think Dede's life isn't the same as your life, if you know what I mean.

Anyway back to the story. Dr. Gaspari wants to try a drug regime with a Vitamin A base. However the Indonesian Government did not like him sending samples to the US and wouldn't allow Dede to be taken there for treatment either. There is a clash of national pride here with the President of Indonesia personally involved. He orders Dede to be taken to hospital and that local doctors operate to get rid of the warts.

Now there is a constant media scrum at the hospital with every move reported. Dede feels alone and scared. Dr. Gaspari wants to join the Indonesian doctors and get involved but there is resistance. He knows surgery alone won't work. Then there is an about-face and Dr. Gaspari gets invited over and discusses a new treatment option involving chemotherapy. The local doctors want to do a skin graft, but Gaspari convinces them to hold off till he gets the chemotherapy drugs.

The wheel is spinning so hard it's difficult to keep pace. Unfortuneatly this is not Hollywood and Gaspari can't get the drugs in time and the difficult and dangerous skin graft goes ahead, with results looking bad. Now another twist and the chemo drugs arrive post-op and it looks like the combination will work. Dede is presented to the world as 90% cured of this terrible disease. He even gets a female admirer who contacts him and he says he wants to marry her.

I don't want to leave a stone unturned so I combed the net to find out what has happened since. The best I can come up with is that Dede's warts have grown back somewhat and a further operation happened at the beginning of the year. So it's not a complete fairytale, but I'm sure you can agree it's one incredible year in this man's life that turned the world media spotlight on and involved a President and a leading US medical expert.

Don't worry I'll be back next month with a complete change of pace and the most dramatic evidence yet of what it's like to live in a Year of Revolution. Till then :-"may the cycles always bring you good fortune".

Monday, October 5, 2009

The Revolution that almost changed the course of History.

Some of you may be familiar with the movie "Valkyrie" starring Tom Cruise. For those who haven't seen it, I recommend you watch one of the You Tube promos and even if you have seen it a while back, it's good to refresh your memory with sight and sound. You see the most important element of this movie is that it's a true story. I saw it last year on a long haul flight to the US and then immediately afterwards watched a historical re-enactment, complete with interviews of survivors, on the Discovery Channel. This confirmed for me just how accurate the movie version was.

"Valkyrie" depicts the 20 July 1944 plot by German army officers to assassinate Adolf Hitler, take control of the country and surrender to allied forces. The chief proponent of this idea was Colonel Claus Von Stauffenberg, who remembered an emergency plan known as Operation Valkyrie. After killing Hitler this would see the Reserve Army used to arrest the SS and Party elite.

It is Von Stauffenberg who has the bomb at Hitler's Eastern front headquarters, known as the Wolf's Lair. On July 15 he is there, but is ordered to go ahead too late because Himmler isn't present. So again on July 20 Von Stauffenberg is at the Wolf's Lair with two bombs and a pencil detonator. He has to feign a need to change his shirt to do the detonation, but since he only has one arm he just gets time to complete a single bomb. He carefully leans it against the main table support close to where Hitler is sitting. Why all this detail?

Well if so many things had just gone right then Hitler would have been killed. Probably on July 15; certainly if two bombs were detonated and again had his briefcase not accidentally fallen over and been moved to a location further from Hitler, then it would have worked. Why was this so important? Why ultimately should we care so much?

Well the answer is that Hitler lived, the July 20 plotters were arrested and shot and WW2 in Europe dragged on until June 6th, 1945. Now it is a fact of history that in the last year of the war there were more deaths and casualties, military and civilian, than in the entire preceeding period. Around 600 cities and towns were wholly or partly destroyed by bombing. Millions would have lived! It would have drastically changed the course of history. Unfortuneately the German people were associated with Hitler to the end and not with the decent Von Stauffenberg and the generals who were with him. No wonder Von Stauffenberg is taught in German schools and hailed a hero.

Why did I write all this? What has this got to do with "Life Cycles"? Well it has everything to do with Life Cycles. How old do you think Von Stauffenberg was when all these momentous events happened? Was he 28, or 32, or 35, or 39, or 44? No the most important Revolution year for many people and their career-defining crossraods is 36. Von Stauffenberg was 36! Check it out for yourselves. His Revolution year almost changed the course of history. Instead it only emboldened Adolf Hitler, who saw this as a sure sign the gods were with him.

I analyse Adolf Hitler in Chapter 3 along with many famous historical figures. However only those who read all of "Life Cycles" can possibly know exactly how it predicts Hitler's reaction to his lucky escape."Life Cycles" is both disarmingly simple, highly statistically significant and yet so complex, that it will take you 12 years to really grasp it. Check it out at the web page. Remember you're never going to see this anywhere else. And if you think I can't top this article, well you better keep posted for the next!

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Charles Darwin-The Evolution of the Revolution

Why am I writing about Charles Darwin? For those of you who don't know it was the 200th anniversary of his birth this year and he is being talked about a lot.

Charles Darwin was a big celebrity in his day. In 19th century England people knew his famous voyage of discovery on the Beagle in his early twenties and his most famous book "On the Origin of Species", when it was published aged 50. Why was there such a gap between what he knew to be scientifically correct and the publication of his thesis, which is still as controversial as ever? Why take so long? What motivated Charles Darwin? What was the essence of his life? Once again we're going to take the entirely original theory called "Life Cycles" to get these answers. How many blogs are there in the world? How many books with the title "Life Cycles"? Remember you get this nowhere else! I don't require you to believe it, I only ask you read the evidence for yourselves. Wouldn't it be great if we could talk to Charles Darwin. I'll bet he'd be amazed that Evolution theory spread far and wide only to be re-challenged by Creationism or Intelligent Design. The dichotomy between science and religion is never more starkly revealed than in this debate.

Let's get down to just looking at his adult years of Revolution up to " On the Origin of Species". At age 24 he was part of the Beagle's voyage of discovery.He had already begun to make observations of the world slowly changing over great periods of time and species also changing to adapt. Was mankind however to be included in this equation? Just prior to turning 24 Darwin had his first encounter with the savages that lived on Tierra Del Fuego (known as Fuegians). He had no doubt that saveges like these could become civilised. Three such natives, who were anglicised, stayed behind to run a mission with Revd. Richard Matthews. What unfolded in his
24th year? The record will show that when the Beagle returned on Darwin's 25th birthday the mission was completely abandoned and the natives reverted. Progress was not to be in a straight line. Darwin would have to check his urge to claim good evidence here.

What was the continuation of this theme of hesitancy in his important 36th year of Revolution? Undoubtedly it was the controversial reception given to the book "Vestiges of the Natural History of Creation" published anonymously. It put forward in a scientifically amateurish way the cosmic theory of transmutation (which we now call evolution). It was released just before Darwin turned 36 and quickly became a best seller, being read by high society (including Prince Albert reading to Queen Victoria) and most other quarters. In fact it outsold Darwin's book for all of the 19th century. Darwin was critical of it's scientific deficiencies, but admitted it helped pave the way for him. It was also harshly criticised and a mockery was made of evolutionary ideas. It was cited as a major factor in Darwin's caution to publish his own theory. His quote includes:- "....other times I really feel as much ashamed of myself as the author of the Vestiges ought to be of himself". Darwin again learned a valuable lesson in what his contemporaries might do to him. He became hesitant about what to do.

Now what was the perpetuation of this theme again in his 48th year? Darwin was being urged by his friend and mentor Lyell to publish on evolution to establish precedence over Alfred Russell Wallace (who independently proposed Natural Selection). Wallace sent a letter to Darwin asking if the book would examine human origins. He said he would avoid that subject which was "so surrounded with prejudices". When "On the Origin of Species" was published and proved unexpectedly popular, his only allusion to human evolution was the understatement that:- "light will be shed on the origin of man and his history". He also avoided the controversial term "evolution", calling it "common descent".

Imagine Charles Darwin let me interview him. I'll bet he could see for himself how the theory of "Life Cycles" worked for him. An otherwise confident and erudite man, he was beset with doubt and hesitancy. What I propose is none the less groundbreaking as evolution was then. I propose that we keep returning to the same themes throughout our lives. It's written in our biographies, without so much as a second thought. We live in 12 year cycles and I have mapped the entire journey for you in my book. It's not atsrology or numerology or reincarnation or religion or anything else. Keep reading because I guarantee to fascinate you. You're on a journey with me and each stop is better than the last!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lance Armstrong and the Miracle of the Revolution

Lance Armstrong is a legend in the sport of cycling. As big a colossus as Tiger Woods is in golf or Roger Federer in tennis. Seven times winner of the Tour de France and at the age of 37 he finished third and will probably compete again. What does the brand new and totally different Life Cycles theory have to say about him. What is the essence of Lance? What drives him? To find out the answer you have to first look at events in his years of Revolution. These are every twelve years, so this means particularly his adult years of 24 and 36.

Biographical summaries will say that just past his 24th year he was formally diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer. He had immediate surgery and chemotherapy and his doctor gave him less than 50% chance of survival. There can be no question that this awful disease became manifest in his 24th year. What a challenge did the Revolution bring! But he fought back. He finished chemotherapy in December 1996 and by January 1998 his cancer had gone into complete remission. He recommenced cycling and his first Tour de France win came in the next year.

What marked a continuation of this theme twelve years later? This time it coincided with a decision to return to competitive cycling, announced just prior to his 37th birthday, with the express aim of competing in the 2009 Tour. But now however he was doing it to raise global awareness of the cancer burden. He will receive no salary or bonuses and post his blood test results on-line. Can you see that he wants take the fight against cancer from a personal battle to an important social issue (as others have also done). His cycling however is the unique vehicle (excuse the pun) that gives him the global profile to do it.

What in particular is the miracle of this Revolution? In July 2008 (aged 36) Lance began dating a girl he met through his cancer charity work. She was quite unlike the previous high-profile actress and also a singer he had had relationships with. This time things were to be different. In December 2008 he announced that his girlfriend Anna Hansen was pregnant. My calculations put the conception within his 36th year (almost the same date as the announcement of his return). Although it was believed that he could not father children after testicular cancer, the child was conceived naturally and on June 4th, 2009 Max Armstrong came into the world (announcing it on Twitter to his 1.5 million followers). This birth is very special and you could say a personal miracle. However (and Lance doesn't know this) children linked to their parents' Revolution year will share a very special bond throughout life known as Confluence. There will be an unspoken knowledge of the needs of each other. He could also be destined for greatness in one way or another. Remember with Life Cycles we don't predict in the usual way.

You who read this I urge to tell others. I didn't bring Life Cycles into the world to gather dust or to disappear. I had my first TV interview recently and more will follow. I freely give this to you, but of course you can support me by buying a copy of my book "Life Cycles" (leave me a message and I can send you a signed copy to anywhere in the world). There is new knowledge and I can assure you that it leads to an unbelievable level of control in your life. Of course I'll have more stories for you. I could do this every day but I think good things are worth waiting for. Don't you?

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Life Cycles and The Prophet

I want to acknowlege the support of The Prophet, who allowed me to feature on his web site He is a true fellow traveller and has the courage to support a brand new system of knowledge. I thank you Prophet. Your work in discussing different philosphies and spirituality is very worthwhile. I have one simple mission and that is to make Life Cycles known to the world. I'm currently doing this through my book/web site ( and this blog. I have easily enough interesting examples to talk with you daily, but instead I'm just going to select well-known people/stories, that will be to relevant to a wide audience.

You see there must be dozens, or is that hundreds or thousands of books called Life Cycles, but none are like mine. See for yourself why my reviewers call it "highly original". What makes it different is that it doesn't require belief. After you read it you can of course make up your own minds. Keep reading because my best post is to come soon!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson and Life Cycles

Michael's untimely death has raised his profile enormously. He will certainly be remembered by his fans as the 'King of Pop' and a true musical pioneer. No-one would otherwise know that I featured Michael's profile in Chapter 3 of my book "Life Cycles". This is a brand new way to analyse your life and features emphasis on just a few key years of significance to tell your life story. It may sound unreasonable, but I can tell so much about the essence of a person, from so small a biography. And I deal in facts only.....this is not a belief system like astrology or numerology or any other system. My book has won Awards and high critical praise.
Anyway, back to Michael.Let's look together at just his "Years of Revolution" (ie. every 12th year... so at 12, 24, 36 and 48 in his case). At 48 media coverage was given to his efforts to reform the Jackson Five and do a World Tour. He received the award of "Most Successful Entertainer of All Time" by Guiness World Records. What was interesting was the related series of Revolutioary Years, showing the same qualities of innovation and reflection. At 36 Jackson released the album "HIStory, Past Present and Future", which went on to sell 18 million copies worldwide. The first disc was a greatest hits compilation, while the second featured the single "Scream", with the most expensive video ever made.
Twelve years previously at 24, Jackson released his epic album "Thriller", which became the best selling album in music history and the video was cited as revolutionary in the industry and the best ever made.
To complete the picture even further, at age of 12 he released his first solo recording while remaining a member of the Jackson Five.
Can you see the same themes running throughout his life? Oh and by the way different themes run through your life and my life and everyone's lives. That's why I say on the cover:- "Take the journey of a lifetime......your own and everyone else's".

If you would like a copy of my new book and learn more why Life Cycles puts all other systems in the shade when it comes to actual evidence, just leave me a message and/or visit my award-winning

There's always more to come and I can assure you that this blog is the most unique blog you'll ever read!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Susan Boyle and Life Cycles

Susan Boyle is a big news item these days. Since her unlikely premiere performance on Britain's Got Talent she has gathered a huge army of followers and admirers. She represents all that is unusual. From a humble background and of shy and awkward nature, she stunned the judges and all who listened to her magical voice. She has since gone on to be interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show and other accolades. All quite beyond her wildest imaginings I'm sure. Now I see that astrologers and numerologists are looking for evidence using their approaches to explain this miraculous transformation. However the brand new and totally different Life Cycles will shed an analysis that is unique.

You see Life Cycles has it's central philosophy that everyone undergoes a form of rebirth every twelve years. This is known as the 'Year of Revolution'. In this year we are relatively more out of control and fate takes a hand in unusual ways. We don't try to predict what exactly will happen, because we maintain that with free will we cannot know the precise answer. However we gather evidence just like the famous case of Susan Boyle and of course many, many others to show how the revolutionary year will operate. This evidence gradually can be built into a Life Chart which is unique for every individual.

In case you think I'm drawing an awfully long bow because Susan (birthday 1st April, 1961) happens to be 48 when all these extraordinary things take place, I will slowly cover other miracle stories in the same arena. You think 36 year old Paul Potts had a typical year the year he won Britain's Got Talent. I'll bet if I interviewed him he'd tell me quite a story, much of which I gathered second hand. What about 24 year old David Cook, American Idol of there's another great story.

Life Cycles most recent of it's seven official reviews said:-5 stars- "utterly fascinating....highly recommended" (John Burroughs Mid West Book Review). I shall continue to share these reviews with you. Please join me and help to build a community of Life Cycles as I reveal to you:- "The Truth and The Evidence"

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Setting the record straight

Firstly I want to exercise my democratic right to free speech. I began this blog site to do two things. The first and most important is to tell the world about this fabulous new and easy to use system of analysing your life. I'm going to tell you all about it in stages and show you how easy it is to gather evidence. Whether you think it's true is of course up to you. My book "Life Cycles" is an awarded Finalist in two categories in the USA Book News 2008 contest. This was for Best New Age Non-Fiction and Best Website Design. It has received 5 official reviews at an average 4 1/2 stars. All these reviews will be made known to you. A small sample of readers have similarly endorsed it and most importantly both readers and reviewers have told me that the theory appears to be true in their lives.
The second is by way of having my opinions publicised about one (and one only) reviewer, who chose an exceptionally cursory and perfunctory approach. She read the first three pages (can you imagine:-this is the Introduction and the first page of the Prologue) and decided she didn't like the use of cliches. When she did not allow my comments to be published on her blogsite, I felt the only right and democratic way forward was to begin my own.
I was probably going to do this sooner or later, but now it's sooner. Has this happened to you? Have you come home and discovered someone has trampled all over your front garden? Sure you have. It has happened every time you missed out on a job you were well qualified for. Every time someone else got that promotion you wanted or discovered that someone had been schmoozing you to your face and stabbing you behind your back. Or not giving you the mark you deserved for your essay or assignment after you did a lot of hard work. Or rejecting your creative work:- be it music, literature, acting or something else. This blog is all about life in all it's gloriuos detail. I want to hear from open-minded progressive people, who can relate to what I write about.
I'm going to deal a lot with current affairs. You see "Life Cycles" is validated every day in the news and in the media generally. No other system (and I mean no other.....oops forgive the use of a cliche) does this. It is the only evidence-based theory of it's type and it's brand new so we don't have to go back thousands of years to the wisdom of the ancients. I'm going to show you "The Truth and The Evidence". So keep posted!