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Sunday, September 18, 2016



It is time to don your safari suits and pith helmets. I am going to provide you with a full documentary film of the life of someone, I'll guarantee you've never heard of before. This is the first time I'll be using a riveting biography, which demonstrates all the elements of 'Life Cycles Theory'. It describes a full account of Belzoni's age 36  'Year of Revolution', complete with diary dates, showing his unbelievable transformation from a disgruntled circus strongman in England, to becoming a renowned archaeologist in Egypt! His most famous discovery was made during this very year (1815) and if you watch the first 20 minutes of the video (preferably on Full Screen) all will be revealed. I also pay tribute to the wonderful ancient civilization of Egypt and to one of my main supporters, Atef Gad, who is a proud modern day Egyptian.

This detailed evidence is so accurate it is 'beyond belief'. Just as Belzoni laboured so long and hard to bring back the bust of Ramesses II; after bringing all this evidence to light, I too, am entitled to be known as a 'true pioneer' in the world of 'New Thought' (which my books are now classified under, along with Philosophy Movements). This is the greatest film account I've seen of the wonders of the age 36 'Year of Revolution' phenomenon. Others like the movies Joy and One Chance show the near miracle of a person succeeding in their chosen field, but with The Great Belzoni it is not his chosen field, or even what he hoped his new career might be. In short, the thing which defines his whole life was a miracle. Have I got you just a bit curious? That is, if you haven't already watched the video.

Belzoni pictured as a much honoured man in Egypt

Giovanni Battista Belzoni was born in Padua, Italy 5th Nov, 1778, the son of a barber. When he was in his age 19 first adult 'Year of Broken Pathways' he fled to The Netherlands after French Occupation in Italy, where he worked as a barber. His next development came in 1803, when he was in his age 24 'Year of Revolution'. To avoid being sent to jail, he fled to England where he met and married an Englishwoman, Sarah Bane. Belzoni was an exceptionally tall and strong man, standing 6' 7" and his wife also had a strong build. They both joined a travelling circus performing feats of strength, such as holding up 8 people (as shown in the video). Interestingly Belzoni had had a long held interest in hydraulics and engineering and he tried to incorporate this into his act, through the use of a magic lantern show. He used to do designs in his spare time.

So, because of his enquiring mind, he felt compelled to think of a life beyond the circus big top. After the circus did a tour of Spain, Portugal and Sicily, he decided to visit Malta in early 1815 (which just happened to be in the first part of his age 36 'Year of Revolution' - Nov. 1814 to Nov. 1815). Here he had a most unlikely meeting with an Egyptian emissary, who was working on land reclamation at the time. Belzoni showed this man his hydraulics designs and was invited back to Egypt to put these into practice on the Nile River. His invention turned out to be a big success and that should have been the end of this story and the beginning of a new, but related, career as an engineer. However, now we get to the really interesting part. The ruling Pasha of Egypt did not like the new ideas and as a result Belzoni's project was dropped and he suddenly found himself in the unfamiliar city of Cairo without a job.

Hauling the bust of Ramesses II

This was actually his "Moment of Frustration" or setback, of a temporary nature, that I write of constantly in the 'Year of Revolution'. It was worse than most, but certainly textbook and the video not only describes it, but gives actual dates in the year 1815. At this point Belzoni almost certainly would have :- "felt like he was at the bottom of a dark chamber and that he'd never get out". This is the exact description I have used in "The Life Cycles Revolution" of how the process works. Then we have an unlikely "Moment of Breakthrough" courtesy of the British Consul in Egypt, Henry Salt. Belzoni was introduced to him through an adventurer called J L Burkhardt. Burkhardt is a phenomenon I refer to as "The Agent Of The Revolution" - otherwise tangential to the subject's life, but does provide the missing link. Salt thought that a man in desperate straits, who had enormous physical capacities; might be willing to risk everything to remove the colossal bust of Ramesses II  from it's location 500 kms. south of Cairo, including dragging it a daunting distance across uncertain terrain to the Nile River, in an area still dominated by the French.

Belzoni was such a man. Once again this is a perfect case example and the key moment that changes Belzoni's life forever happens in just one day ie."the one day phenomenon". You can see how difficult the task was and how he even became temporarily blind through looking at the sun and had to wrangle to get some local tribesmen to help. All the while Salt sat back in his Cairo office dreaming of being recognized as the man, who brought the wonders of Ancient Egypt to Britain, but that was not how Belzoni saw it. He was not merely 'the hired muscle', but he was a true pioneer, a discoverer of ancient relics and a fledgling archaeologist. When he finally completed this difficult and dangerous mission, he was hailed a hero by the local Egyptians and couldn't wait to get going on his next expedition. He had finally :- "rounded the upward staircase and seen the light and was basking in the sunshine of a glorious day". I know it sounds poetic, but that is the exact description I use and I have many cases to back me up.

Bronze Medal Of Giovanni-Battista Belzoni 1821 - From The British Museum

Salt gained recognition for his own archaeological expedition at Giza and The Sphinx, but it was Belzoni, who is honoured for his breakthrough work with Ramesses II and uncovering the entrance to the Tomb of Seti I (known as Belzoni's Tomb at Abu Simbel) and also the first to penetrate the second tomb of Giza. There is a medal of him in the British Museum and the bust of Ramesses II is still on display. Yet, in one instant in his fated, age 36 "Year of Revolution', he went from an out-of-work, would-be hydraulic engineer and circus strongman, to transform into what he is known as :- 'Belzoni The Great'. I hope you enjoyed this presentation and are in no doubt about the truth and the evidence which I freely give to you. Till the next :- "May the cycles always bring you good fortune".

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