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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Susan Boyle and Life Cycles

Susan Boyle is a big news item these days. Since her unlikely premiere performance on Britain's Got Talent she has gathered a huge army of followers and admirers. She represents all that is unusual. From a humble background and of shy and awkward nature, she stunned the judges and all who listened to her magical voice. She has since gone on to be interviewed on the Oprah Winfrey show and other accolades. All quite beyond her wildest imaginings I'm sure. Now I see that astrologers and numerologists are looking for evidence using their approaches to explain this miraculous transformation. However the brand new and totally different Life Cycles will shed an analysis that is unique.

You see Life Cycles has it's central philosophy that everyone undergoes a form of rebirth every twelve years. This is known as the 'Year of Revolution'. In this year we are relatively more out of control and fate takes a hand in unusual ways. We don't try to predict what exactly will happen, because we maintain that with free will we cannot know the precise answer. However we gather evidence just like the famous case of Susan Boyle and of course many, many others to show how the revolutionary year will operate. This evidence gradually can be built into a Life Chart which is unique for every individual.

In case you think I'm drawing an awfully long bow because Susan (birthday 1st April, 1961) happens to be 48 when all these extraordinary things take place, I will slowly cover other miracle stories in the same arena. You think 36 year old Paul Potts had a typical year the year he won Britain's Got Talent. I'll bet if I interviewed him he'd tell me quite a story, much of which I gathered second hand. What about 24 year old David Cook, American Idol of there's another great story.

Life Cycles most recent of it's seven official reviews said:-5 stars- "utterly fascinating....highly recommended" (John Burroughs Mid West Book Review). I shall continue to share these reviews with you. Please join me and help to build a community of Life Cycles as I reveal to you:- "The Truth and The Evidence"

1 comment:

  1. thats why you dont judge a book by its cover.
    none of them expected that and all of them laught at the beginning... Again the theory fits this all happened at the age of 48. Amazing how this fits. Well done Neil!

    Kind Regards