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Saturday, August 1, 2009

Lance Armstrong and the Miracle of the Revolution

Lance Armstrong is a legend in the sport of cycling. As big a colossus as Tiger Woods is in golf or Roger Federer in tennis. Seven times winner of the Tour de France and at the age of 37 he finished third and will probably compete again. What does the brand new and totally different Life Cycles theory have to say about him. What is the essence of Lance? What drives him? To find out the answer you have to first look at events in his years of Revolution. These are every twelve years, so this means particularly his adult years of 24 and 36.

Biographical summaries will say that just past his 24th year he was formally diagnosed with stage three testicular cancer. He had immediate surgery and chemotherapy and his doctor gave him less than 50% chance of survival. There can be no question that this awful disease became manifest in his 24th year. What a challenge did the Revolution bring! But he fought back. He finished chemotherapy in December 1996 and by January 1998 his cancer had gone into complete remission. He recommenced cycling and his first Tour de France win came in the next year.

What marked a continuation of this theme twelve years later? This time it coincided with a decision to return to competitive cycling, announced just prior to his 37th birthday, with the express aim of competing in the 2009 Tour. But now however he was doing it to raise global awareness of the cancer burden. He will receive no salary or bonuses and post his blood test results on-line. Can you see that he wants take the fight against cancer from a personal battle to an important social issue (as others have also done). His cycling however is the unique vehicle (excuse the pun) that gives him the global profile to do it.

What in particular is the miracle of this Revolution? In July 2008 (aged 36) Lance began dating a girl he met through his cancer charity work. She was quite unlike the previous high-profile actress and also a singer he had had relationships with. This time things were to be different. In December 2008 he announced that his girlfriend Anna Hansen was pregnant. My calculations put the conception within his 36th year (almost the same date as the announcement of his return). Although it was believed that he could not father children after testicular cancer, the child was conceived naturally and on June 4th, 2009 Max Armstrong came into the world (announcing it on Twitter to his 1.5 million followers). This birth is very special and you could say a personal miracle. However (and Lance doesn't know this) children linked to their parents' Revolution year will share a very special bond throughout life known as Confluence. There will be an unspoken knowledge of the needs of each other. He could also be destined for greatness in one way or another. Remember with Life Cycles we don't predict in the usual way.

You who read this I urge to tell others. I didn't bring Life Cycles into the world to gather dust or to disappear. I had my first TV interview recently and more will follow. I freely give this to you, but of course you can support me by buying a copy of my book "Life Cycles" (leave me a message and I can send you a signed copy to anywhere in the world). There is new knowledge and I can assure you that it leads to an unbelievable level of control in your life. Of course I'll have more stories for you. I could do this every day but I think good things are worth waiting for. Don't you?