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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Best Day of My Life-The Life Chart of Novak Djokovic

I admit I had a famous historic personality all lined up for this month, but I just witnessed such an inspiring Wimbledon Final between Djokovic and Nadal, that I had to do a quick check of Novak's young life. I am a life-long tennis player and a keen fan, so this was not entirely by accident. There is wonderful drama in sport and you don't even need to be a follower to get caught up in it. Just about everyone knows Wimbledon -it's the pinnacle of world tennis. When Novak lifted the trophy he declared:- "This is the best day of my life!" Let's examine why this is so typical of what can happen in a 'Year of Revolution'. Let's then do a quick 'Life Chart' analysis and examine, as much as we can, his 'significant years'. 'Life Cycles' is unerringly accurate and remember I did this 'at the drop of a hat'.

Novak turned 24 on 22nd. May this year. It ushered in his 'Year of Revolution'. Often the most significant time in the life of a young adult. What happened to him? Just recently he learned, that on making the Wimbledon final, he had become World No. 1. This capped off a remarkable year so far. He, however, didn't see it that way. He said that it meant so much more to win at Wimbledon, than to get the top ranking. This was his dream, that he had since he was a small child. Even though he had victories over Nadal recently, he had to do it again on the grandest stage of all. There was a moment in the second set (which Djokovic won 6-1); when after a long rally he got an almost impossible drop shot return, for a cross-court winner. His box rose as one, their fists in the air and Novak thumped his heart and let out a 'primal shout'. This is the fateful moment, you don't know what you can do until you do it.

Could this match have gone either way? Few would doubt there could have been a five set upset to Nadal with the scores 3-3 in the fourth set. But it was Novak's day and his destiny. This is how many of us can feel in such a variety of ways in our lives and often it can correlate with being in a 'Year of Revolution'. Now in order to do his 'Life Chart' we simply try to get material on his only other remembered 'Year of Revolution' at age 12 and then see what, if anything, happened in his two 'Years of Broken Pathway' at 7 and 19.

Let's take his age 12 'Year of Revolution' first. His official website confirms that it was at age 12, he first went on an unaccompanied 3 month trip to Nikola Pilic's famous Tennis Academy in Munich, Germany. Up till then his parents went with him everywhere and as they were not a rich family, this was a personal sacrifice they made. It was a character forming time for him and taught him independence at a young age. His association with the Academy went on for quite a few years and was the basis of his entry into top-level junior tennis. There is no doubt that his first 'Year of Revolution' ushered in a new age in his life and a high point.

Let's fast forward now to Novak's age 19, 'Year of Broken Pathways' (May, 2006 to May, 2007). We are looking for direction-altering moments. The first thing I see is that there was a strong rumour in May, 2006, that the entire Djokovic family might emigrate to the UK. The drama surrounding this did not affect his play however and his path to the top commenced, when he reached the fourth round at Wimbledon and then his first-ever tournament victory in the Dutch Open (without losing a set). After a second tournament win he reached the world Top 20. His own biography section says of 2007:- "and then the dream year arrived". It said his career 'took off' after his Master's performances at Indian Wells (losing to Nadal in the final) and his first Master's victory at Miami (known as the fifth Grand Slam). He was now a confirmed Top 10 player and capable of beating the best. Yes, this was all within his 'Year of Broken Pathways'. His direction was to the very top of world tennis and his challenge was to get there.

Finally let's go back in time to his age 7, 'Year of Broken Pathways'. could anything have happened then? He took up tennis at age 4, running after the older kids at tennis camp and trying to hit the ball over the net. However at age 7, he was discovered by the famous coach Jelena Gencic. She said:-"this is the greatest talent I have seen since Monica Seles". As his coach, she has been attributed as 'creating his career and instilling in him the right attitude to sport and to life'. There is no doubt he owes her a great deal. This was his direction-altering moment and his challenge was to learn all he could.

So can you see for yourselves how a 'Life Chart' builds for such a talented young adult. Each of the 'Life Cycles' significant years represents a tangible milestone in his life, that can be measured objectively. Am I continually just lucky? Actually the odds on me being correct are astronomical, but of course it doesn't seem that way. Unless, of course, I'm correct and 'Life Cycles' is the newest and the best form of Life Analysis there is. So straightforward it's almost science.

My guest next month has waited some two thousand years to be unveiled so I hope she won't mind waiting a little while longer. Tell me who it is? Until then:- "may the cycles always bring you good fortune".


  1. Neil-I'll be curious to see how Novak's Life Cycles play off in the near future. Hope all is well.

  2. What a piece of work again! Your "Life Chart" amazes me. You must be very observant with your subjects enough to come up with a well-written bio of their life cycles, Neil! Great writing!

  3. Hi Neil, great post as usual:) I've just awarded you a Best Blogger award at my blog. You deserve it! You can check it out at my latest post for details.

    I really think your blog has original and thought-provoking content. Keep up the blogging!:D

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