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Monday, April 2, 2012

The After Party-The Third Lesson

If we reviewed the year you'd see we have a very wide range of people. What happens if I get some of my guests back for a bit of a party. They're all quite different, so who can tell?
'The Donald' Trump (DT):- Well Neil what have you cooked up here? I don't just show up without a few VIP's around. Hey isn't that Freddie Laker over there? Long time, no see Freddie.
Laker (FL) Yes Donald, my old son, last time was at a party at my place, I even flew you over. Say what's that young guy doing in his tennis gear?
Novak Djokovic (ND)Did anyone here see my Wimbledon win? Does anyone here play tennis?
Sachin Tendulkar (ST) No, I don't play tennis much, cricket's more my game, but I am a fan and I loved that Wimbledon win of yours Novak. Hello, is there a person of Asiatic appearance in the corner by himself.
Mr. Arafinto (Mr.A) Oh. I hoped no-one would notice me. I am so ashamed of what I did in Parliament, I have to atone.
Rebekah Brooks (RB) I'm not into atoning myself, but I do feel down in the dumps when they arrested me again.
Steve Jobs (SJ) Hey you people need to see beyond your troubles and develop a proper vision for the future. Isn't that right Cadel?
Cadel Evans (CE) Yes Steve, when I lost that Tour De France as favourite, I just had to pick myself up and train even harder.
Prince William (PW) to Catherine (C) Say who is that woman in the fancy headdress in the corner with the two slaves fanning her?
(C) It's not Cleopatra dear, is it?
Queen Cleopatra (QC) Why are not these other guests greeting me and bowing down after all I am the new Isis.
(DT)Oh, cut the crap! You looked better when Liz Taylor played you. Say I could use you on Celebrity Apprentice. Maybe we should talk.
(FL) You're all invited on the maiden flight of my new airline. Free booze all the way.
(RB) I'm not sure who to schmooze up to the most, but Freddie is the most fun
(QC) Niloth, what are talking about when they say 'a flight'. This is only for birds is it not?
Etc. etc...............

This could go on all night and probably will. The other big question. however is "What is the Third Lesson"? What I spent the last twelve posts on? Still not sure? Well it's called the Life Chart. This is where I gather all the evidence I reasonably have on the person's significant years. What are these? They are the 'Years of Revolution' (12/24/36/48 etc) and the 'Years of Broken Pathway' (7/19/31/43 etc.) and get them to tell a story of the linked themes that run throughout people's lives. Life Cycles is based totally on real events and has an uncanny knack of picking out all the right turning points. We're soon to be off on another adventure, but until then :- "may the cycles always bring you good fortune".


  1. Neil, thanks for the review. Looking forward to further updates.

  2. good posting about after party..............

  3. thank you neil and i wish you luck and i'm waiting for your updates