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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Hollywood's Golden Couples Part 3-Taylor and Burton and Confluence

I'm going to take you further on your journey into 'Confluence'. You've already learned that it is not essential for a successful relationship, but rather a desirable extra that can add another layer of empathy, during your sometimes drama-filled 'Years of Revolution' (24,36,48 etc.) or 'Years of Broken Pathway' (19.31.43 etc.). We've also learned that 'Confluence' can be applied to close friendships as well, and may help you to understand why you have a natural bond with some people and not others. I am 'Confluent' with my two closest male friends, for example. I know I've touched upon this briefly before, but today I also want to point out that 'Confluence' can mean "too much of a good thing" and that it can increase the degree of antipathy, if the relationship gets rocky. In the hands of two volatile people, it can make for fireworks and can mean "a short ride and a merry one".

Liz Taylor is the star of this show and I'm sure she'd approve me giving her top billing. Let's take a look at some of her marriages. Now, leading the pack and her greatest relationship,was Richard Burton. Liz was born on Feb. 27th, 1932 and Richard was born Richard Walter Jenkins on Nov. 10th, 1925. This means they shared 'Confluence' between Nov. 10th and Feb. 27th (3.5 mths) for every second 'significant year'. So when Richard was aged 19/31/43, Liz was aged 12/24/36. I quote from an excellent article on the Burton/Taylor relationship in the Daily Mail :- "Into this cauldron of powerful emotions stepped Burton, then aged 36 ('Year of Revolution'), when they were both cast in the epic film Cleopatra". He was the great seducer and she enjoyed getting a rise out of all her partners and getting them to show they were real men. They shared an animal magnetism, yet had tempestuous fights and are still referred to in marriage guidance books, as an example of how a marriage can go wrong, no matter how much two people love each other.

This, of course, is what an intense version of 'Confluence' can create. Not only the positively shared empathy of others, but with their shared alcohol addiction and volatile natures, it became out of control and led to frequent temper tantrums. By the time Burton was in his 48th 'Year of Revolution' in 1974, they divorced for the first time and their second marriage was brief. So no happy ever afters here. I'm now going to surprise you by telling you that Liz was, in fact, also 'Confluent' with other of her husbands, but also without success.

In her second marriage to Michael Wilding (born Jul. 23rd, 1912), she shared 'Confluence' between Feb. 27th and July 23rd for every second 'significant year' (5 months). She in fact married Michael when she was in her age 19 'Year of Broken Pathways' and they went on to have two sons and by all accounts led a comfortable, if somewhat too quiet, an existence for Liz's liking. If his career in the US had taken off things might have gone differently, but as her career soared his waned and he wanted to go back to England. In her age 24 'Year of Revolution' and when Wilding was in his age 43 'Year of Broken Pathways' she was swept off her feet by the very macho Mike Todd (with whom she was not 'Confluent'). She actually remianed good friends with Wilding after the divorce and he even worked for her and Richard Burton in the 60's. This is a good demonstration of the friendship side of 'Confluence'. Oh, and for the record Liz's age 12 'Year of Revolution' coincided with 'National Velvet', which made her a star; and at age 24 she starred in the epic film 'Giant' and began a four year year run of nominations for Best Actress Oscar; and finally at 36 it was a movie called 'Secret Ceremony' and was referred to as 'her best acting role ever'. That year also coincided with the famous Burton/Taylor diamond, but that is another story and I'll leave it to another time.

So 'Confluence' is easy to measure and can apply to both primary relationships and friendship. With two strong-willed, volatile people like Burton and Taylor it can also burn itself out in a "short ride (or shorter ride) and a merry one". With their extravagant lifestyle it is estimated Liz and Dick went through around $350 million. The lower-profile Wilding, however, shared a comfortable marriage two sons and a lifetime friendship with Liz. Have I got any of you starting to look at your own lives and the lives of others differently? Keep reading because you will soon enough. Till next month :- "May the cycles always bring you good fortune".

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  1. So interesting about Confluence, Neil! I was always fascinated by the Taylor/Burton romance. (And she did have such gorgeous eyes!) Now I am curious about confluence and how it has worked in my life. Need to find out more. Great post!