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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Post About Nothing- 'Confluence' and the Seinfeld Show

Now I've written about Jerry before in this blog and he will be featured in the upcoming book, so you could say I've made a real example out of him. I suppose it's no surprise that I've picked the Seinfeld Show to illustrate a good high-profile example of 'Confluence' in both friendship and career terms. In 2002, Time magazine nominated the Seinfeld Show as the greatest sit-com in the history of TV. Now that's debatable, but what's not debatable is that it was a world-wide phenomenon, that makes people of just about every country and culture laugh. I think there'll always be reruns on cable.

Jerry was born 29th April,1954. I have previously demonstrated the Seinfeld Show properly began during his age 36 'Year of Revolution', which is yet another valid well-known case. It also ended when he was in his age 43 'Year of Broken Pathways' so the whole unbroken path of seven years is on display. Today, however, we're going to be looking at other cast members to see what their 'Confluence' was like to Jerry and to each other. Firstly Jason Alexander (George Castanza) was born 23rd Sept.1959, which means that he is 'Confluent' with Jerry for seven months in every second 'significant year' (ie. 7/12, 19/24, 31/36 ). The last pairing of Jason at 31 and Jerry at 36 was right in the period when the Seinfeld Show was properly launched as a mid-season replacement in early 1991. So the Seinfeld Show was born in 'Confluence'. Jerry and George are shown as the two closest buddies in the show and is a good example of 'Confluence' in both work and friendship. Does anyone have any work buddies like this?

Now let's examine Julia Louis-Dreyfuss (Elaine Benes). She was born 13th Jan.1961. This means she shared 3 1/2 months of 'Confluence' with Jerry in every second 'significant year' (ie. 12/19, 24/31, 36/43 ). This last coupling of Julia, at her important age 36 'Year of Revolution' at the same time as Jerry was in his age 43 'Year of Broken Pathways', coincides exactly with the finish of the show. So Elaine and Jerry were also work mates and good buddies and the close of the show happened at a fateful time in both their lives. Have any momentous events happened to you and your good buddies at work in times like these?

Finally let's visit the most 'out-there' member of our famous quartet, actor and comedian Michael Richards, who was born 24th July, 1949. This makes him also 'Confluent' with Jerry for nine months of every second 'significant year' (ie. 12/7 24/19 36/31 48/43). This shows again that when the show closed it was in Richards' age 48 'Year of Revolution', as well as Jerry's age 43 'Year of Broken Pathways'. In addition Richards and Louis-Dreyfuss were 'Confluent' for every 'significant year' (ie. 19/7, 24/12, 31/19, 36/24, 43/31, 48/43 ). So they would have, according to the 'Confluence' concept, a natural empathy with both each other and with Jerry. This was unlike Jason who was only 'Confluent' with Jerry.

Is your head spinning with all this? I forgive you because I realise I'm getting very detailed. Look bottom line is :- they all shared 'Confluence', which must have made working together a dream. The Seinfeld Show was properly launched in 'Confluence' and it most certainly ended in 'Confluence' with three out of the four of them in 'significant years'. What did this mean for their careers and lives? Well you'll just have to find out in the book soon. Till next month:- "May the cycles always bring you good fortune."


  1. Great “Post About Nothing,” Neil! Really enjoyed the video. The Seinfeld Show was one of my all-time favorites and I enjoy Curb Your Enthusiasm too (I think Larry David is a genius). Interesting how Confluence is so evident in the Seinfeld Show and how the actors were Confluent with each other. I think that Confluence really helped with the obvious chemistry they all had, and that’s what made the show great. Also very interesting how George (Jason) was primarily only Confluent with Jerry, in real life and on the show. Nice job with the “Seinfeld and Confluence” script on the side, very funny.

  2. Hi JerseyLil,
    Thanks for your appreciative comment, it means a lot. Yes I'm also a huge Seinfeld fan and I find myself drawn to feature both him and the show. You know they never made a movie. Now that would really have worked 'a la the Mr Bean movies'. I do like to 'interview' my guests, but some are better subjects than others and George and Jerry are right up there.