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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Introducing the 'Life Chart'. Let's Start With Donald Trump.

As some may be aware this blog is unique. It is totally planned and no post is here by accident. Everything has a purpose. We are now entering a new cycle of twelve posts. So far I have told you about the 'Year of Revolution' that happens every twelfth year in your life (birth, 12, 24, 36. 48 etc.). Then I told you that seven years after every 'Year of Revolution', there is another challenging year when fateful events tend to happen, that require effort on our part to address. This is called the 'Year of Broken Pathways' (7,19,31,43 etc.). Now what happens if we start to collect all the data we can about a person's life in these two 'significant years'? Well, if we display the biographical summary in diagrammatic form, we get what's known as a 'Life Chart'.

I've put a sample of a 'Life Chart' at the top of the article, so you can see what I mean...or rather I would have but I'm having issues getting it accpeted for the blog design...still you can always read the original if you get the book! Once again there's no magic, no hocus-pocus. It's just a systematic gathering of evidence. Remember :- no evidence, no theory. Just imagine if other such theories did this. The critics would have a field day. Check out for yourselves what science and the sceptics make of these theories. No evidence they shout! For example to take one such popular idea:- the 'law' of attraction. Can your thoughts produce literally anything you want? Is there any proof? Not according to scientific enquiry. None whatsoever and they even mention an ugly flip-side ie. if you have an accident or fall ill it's your fault. This may not make me popular in some quarters, but I want to be known as different and credible, not self-serving and mesmerizing.

So forgive this rant, but I will take you through the 'Life Chart' bit by bit over the next twelve posts, so today rather than talk more theory I thought:- "let's take a current affairs topic to illustrate". I woke up a while back to news that Donald Trump has desires to run for US President and that one of his claims is that his background is accessible, unlike Barak Obama, whose early years seem a bit obscure. Anyway Donald Trump, love him or hate him, gets a lot of publicity so what can a 'Life Cycles' analysis say?

'The Donald' was born June 14th, 1946, so you know how I often do my research:- I go straight to the person's 36th mid-life 'Year of Revolution' (in his case June, 1982 to Jume, 1983) and see what was happeneing in his life and how pivotal it might be to the 'main game'. Donald began in his father's footsteps as a property developer, but he made his own name with casinos. It was a known fact that he had added properties outside Manhattan for the first time in 1980; in Atlantic City, New Jersey. He decided he wanted a new challenge and that a casino makes far more money than a hotel. His advisers told him not to do it and he had a lot of trouble getting investors, so he decided to look for partnerships.

In June, 1982 Trump made an unlikely partnership with Mike Rose, who ran the Harrah's Casino and Holiday Inn Hotels. He already ran a casino in Atlantic City and Trump had the land, so they decided to build the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino together. It opened in 1984, but because these two individuals were quite different things couldn't last, so in 1986 Trump bought him out. There is no doubt that without Mike Rose, Donald Trump would not have succeeded. After all Hilton and Hugh Hefner and Ceasar's World founders had troubles. So what made him a winner? He agreed to supply the land, if Harrah's paid him to build the casino, gave him an equal share in the profits and did not hold him liable for losses in the first five years. This is how he made his name as a negotiator. Work started on the casino in November, 1982. It met every criteria for what this central 'Year of Revolution' stands for.

Now let's just skip ahead to when he was aged 43 (June, 1989 to June, 1990). What happened then and how could it be considered to be a 'fork in his road', that presented him with a challenge set to last for several years and thus qualify as a 'Year of Broken Pathways'? Well there is no doubt that Trump had a period of unbroken forward momentum, when he built a second and then a third Casino in Atlantic City. The third opened in April, 1990 called the Trump Taj Mahal. It cost $1.1 billion to build and was called:- "The Eighth Wonder of the World". Immediately it started to lose money and it took business away from his other two casions. In addition to the huge loans he had on the casinos, his other businesses were not doing well either. The real estate market had fallen across the country and in January, 1990 he owed the banks $9 billion. He was scheduled to make a payment of $73 million in June and he was fighting to survive. Does all this sound like a challenge and a struggle set to last for several years? Does it sound like the veritable embodiment of the 'Year of Broken Pathways'? You can bet the house on it!

Can I do more of this? Dissect his life with unerring accuracy? Of course I can, but I've run over of my usual post length, so I'll leave it till later this year. Did someone mention a Royal Wedding at the end of the month? Want to know all about Prince William and Catherine Middleton? Then tune in next time. Remember you get this nowhere else. Till then:- "may the cycles always bring you good fortune".


  1. Neil-another fun read. I don't know much about Donald Trump, I never read the papers, and I'm not interested in politics. Still, I'm sure for the people who do, they'll find your analysis captivating.

  2. I enjoyed reading this...I've read in one news over yahoo that Donald Trump is thinking about running for US president? How legitimate is that buzz..?..I always thought he is such a billionaire who does not care about spending his billions..But just realize now he's also bitten by the economic downturn...People here in England are just so excited about the Royal Wedding..

  3. Yes a very fun read. Can you imagine if he did become president. Things would get VERY interesting! I'm enjoying your analysis and can't read the next blog post! :)
    thanks to Jen at jewel's Arty Blog did I find your blog and it's great to be among another Aussie :)

  4. Regarding "is he really serious about running?"...I must say I don't know.....I believe that the machinery of government wouldn't suit his free-wheeling style. One US blogging friend told me it's just another publicity stunt, which is why I dropped it into the chat section.